While your puppy is small, pick him up frequently.

Look into the puppy's eyes until he looks away.

Rub your puppy's stomach while he is on his back.

Use moderate pressure while grooming or petting.

Don't allow the puppy to stand on or over you during play.

Avoid tug-of-war games. Encourage fetch and retrieval.

Practice removing food at mealtime.

Teach your puppy to relinquish toys or objects on command ("Drop it").

Praise your puppy for good behavior or when resting quietly.

Never use a command unless you are sure the dog will obey or unless you can make it obey.

Have your puppy obey commands prior to everyday activities such as feeding, playing and going out. ("Nothing in life is free.")

Effective punishments when saying "No!" alone doesn't work:

1. Ignore your puppy, or leave the room.

2. Gently grab the scruff of the neck, and say"No!".

Things to Remember with Your Puppy
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