I do not breed mixed dogs; I don't feel it is ethical. The problem with a mixed breed is that there is no history and no consistency. You can pass another mix like yours on the street and never even know. They can look entirely different and act entirely different. Taking two different breeds with their own different temperaments and mixing them is a gamble. The source you obtain this puppy from cannot possibly educate you on what you’re getting. You will never know what your puppy will become, not to mention look like. 

This is the reason 95% of the puppies/dogs in animal shelters throughout America right now are mixed breeds (the "designer dog"). The "trend" of mixing breeds is not ethical and just does not satisfy. Unethical breeders breed these poor animals and have the nerve to sell them at the same price as some pedigrees. The truth is that these same “designer dogs” are being euthanized as fast as they are being breed. If you’re going to consider a mixed breed, why not rescue a dog from your local animal shelter?

With a pedigree (pure breed),  regardless of the breed, what you’re getting is peace of mind. You know what you’re getting and you can learn what to expect ahead of time: appearance, temperament, disposition, train-ability, health issues etc.

Regarding Mixed Breeds
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